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20 Jun 2016

5 reasons your Veterinary Practice needs a disaster recovery plan

A new study has found that the bad habits of employees in the UK poses a major risk to cyber security in the workplace, Consultancy UK reports.

According to the research, conducted by Winchester-based Norrie Johnston Recruitment (NJR), businesses should spend just as much time educating their employees about cyber crime as they do protecting their systems from cyber criminals.

The findings revealed that more than 50% of the employees questioned had experienced some kind of fake email scam in the last 12 months, from a sender claiming to be either Apple, Paypal, a bank (29%) or Facebook (12%), with 7% having clicked a link that put a virus on the PC.

An additional 17% had received emails that appeared to come from a friend, and 16% had received a phone call regarding a ‘problem´ with their PC.

Commenting on the results, Graham Oates - chief executive of the executive search and interim management company - noted that while people appear to be “quite savvy” about spotting potential cyber threats in their private lives, “when it comes to a work situation they don´t realise that they still need to be security aware.”

“As a result, they are making their employers vulnerable to attack,” he warned.

Employees also seem to have a number of bad habits that could inadvertently leave their employers vulnerable to cyber attacks. Nearly a quarter (23%) use the same password for multiple work applications, and a further 17% write their passwords down.

What´s more, 16% access work networks while connected to public wi-fi, and a similar number (15%) access their personal social media accounts using their work device.

“There´s a clear need to educate staff about the importance of cyber security best practice and how even actions that we all take for granted, like checking our Facebook page at lunchtime, could provide cyber criminals with a way into a business,” Oates concluded.

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