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28 May 2015

Age UK Reveals Health And Wellbeing Benefits To Support Its Older Employees

Age UK has launched a new programme for its 2,800 employees, with a focus on enabling as many of their staff as possible to enjoy their later life.

The age-friendly programme highlights benefits that are likely to be of interest to employees, as well as support them if they choose to continue to work.

According to an article from the Employee Benefits website, the charity´s ‘Extending working life and planning for retirement´ programme comprises of five elements. These include: extending working life and planning for retirement; health and wellbeing; volunteering opportunities; financial planning and pensions; and learning and development opportunities.

With more than half of Age UK´s workforce aged 50 or over, the programme aims to complement a number of existing employee benefits, such as its pension scheme, flexible working options, retirement, finance and pension advice and more.

There are a number of other benefits that focus on health and wellbeing, such as a health cash plan, health assessments, wellbeing days and benefits that encourage greater levels of activity, such as a bikes-for-work scheme.

Mental health has not been ignored either, with employees being offered mindfulness workshops and the chance to take part in several programmes relating to mental health.

“We have worked hard to develop what we believe is an exciting proposition to staff that is aligned to their health and wellbeing,” said Caroline Bendelow, people and performance director at Age UK to Employee Benefits.

Bendelow adds that an external and internal alignment within the organisation with Age UK´s cause is more likely to help employees feel engaged in the workplace and with what the company is doing for them.

“All of our benefits are linked to health and wellbeing. It is very much a holistic approach,” said Bendelow.

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