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30 Mar 2015

Benefits Packages Should Be Employee Led, Says Leading HR Expert

A leading human resources professional has stated that wellbeing should be “at the heart” of any employee benefits strategy, and that staff should be able to pick the benefits that are right for them, HR Magazine reports.

Speaking at the recent HR Tech Europe, Tess Smille – vice president of human resources at Samsung Electronics UK – told delegates they should encourage employees to look after themselves, particularly with today´s increasingly blurred distinction between work and home.

“When you ask your employees to work hard and long hours – which we do as a technology company – you need to show them that you care and want to take some of the pressure off them,” she explained.

At Samsung Electronics, they are leading the charge for improving wellbeing efforts by giving staff more control over their benefits package, so that they can tailor it to their specific needs.

As well as aiming to make workers´ lives easier, their strategy includes a varied range of benefits that reflects the demographic range within their workforce – what´s beneficial for a Baby Boomer member of staff, for example, may not be as useful for a Millennial worker.

So rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach to their benefits strategy, they allow staff to pick and mix the benefits that suit their own personal requirements, which they can then change on an annual basis.

However, they were keen to not let this “menu approach” overwhelm employees, which meant that choice had to be kept to a minimum to avoid doing more harm than good.

The key to implementing such a flexible, employee-led strategy is a “very detailed two-way communication and multi-channelled approach,” Smille advised. Thus, rather than simply being an HR solution, it would need to become a part of the company culture itself.

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