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04 May 2015

Bosses Could Use Wearable Tech To Monitor Employees´ Health

Experts are advising that with the general election imminent and the NHS being one of the key political weapons, employee health and wellbeing will become a more prominent issue for employers - whether they like it or not.

According to HR Magazine, John Dean - managing director of PSHPC - told guests at the recent launch of a new income protection scheme for the Havensrock brand that;

“It doesn´t matter which way you vote, there is cross-party political agreement on bringing wellness into the workplace.”

Aside from putting less strain on the NHS, it´s thought that focusing on staff wellbeing can also help to improve a company´s bottom line - not only because a healthy workforce means less absenteeism, but because it leads to greater productivity.

In fact, the most recent Aviva Health of the Workforce Report found that 69% of employers stated that staff health and wellbeing had a direct impact on productivity levels. But despite this, the latest ONS survey of UK productivity noted that the lack of productivity growth seen since 2007 was “unprecedented in the post-war period.”

So whilst employers are realising that wellness strategies are important, many are still tied into the older models that focus on illness as opposed to prevention and wellbeing.

The Havensrock income protection scheme has been designed to overcome this issue, Dean told employers at the launch.

“Employees don´t need to be ill to use it,” he explained. “[…] HR directors´ spend focuses on the small minority of employees that are ill and, across a typical workforce, only a few ever need to use income protection, so it remains largely unappreciated by the rest. This scheme enables all staff to benefit.”

Under the scheme, staff will be given a Fitbug Orb device that tracks their movement and sleep, and collects data about their calorie expenditure. This information will be combined with an annual health screen provided by a Wellbeing People interactive health kiosk set up in the office, to allow employees to monitor their body mass index, body fat index, blood pressure and hydration levels.

At the end of the year, employers will be provided with an valuable wellness report about their staff, helping them to create a wellness programme that suits their exact needs.

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