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02 Jan 2017

Brexit foot-dragging bringing down employee confidence

The lengthy and uncertain process of Britain´s exit from the European Union is causing UK employee confidence to dip, Study International reports.

According to a specially-commissioned report made six months after the Brexit vote, less than a third of UK employees (29%) are confident about the Government´s ability to negotiate favourable trade deals once Article 50 has been triggered.

Recruitment website Glassdoor analysed this data according to region, and found that the South East has the lowest confidence levels, with just 23% of employees having any confidence in the negotiation of a good deal for British businesses.

The North East was next with 25%, and the Midlands 26%; while the South West had the highest confidence levels, at 38%.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who are unemployed and searching for work were the least optimistic - a troubling 41% said they did not have any confidence in the Government´s negotiation prowess.

More than half (54%) of the employees questioned did not feel that Brexit would impact their jobs at an individual level; however, almost a quarter (24%) were concerned about the potential affects on their employer.

An additional 27% stated that the Brexit decision had made them want to look for a different job, while more than 60% of part-time workers, who are reliant on the country´s expanding gig economy, felt Brexit would have a negative impact on their work opportunities.

Worryingly, nearly a third of London-based employees (28%) said they would consider leaving the UK to live and work in Europe. That´s 12% more than the UK as a whole.

Based on these findings, Glassdoor´s head of international, Diarmuid Russell, noted that in this state of “pre-Brexit purgatory” that the UK is currently in, “the regions which backed Brexit now have little confidence that the UK will get a good deal.”

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