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15 Dec 2014

British Employers Undervaluing Employee Healthcare, Study Shows

New research by healthcare expert Bupa suggests that UK employers are performing worse than other countries when it comes to offering adequate healthcare to their staff, the Employee Benefits website reports.

In fact, according to the study - which surveyed 4,000 working UK adults and 1,000 UK employers at managerial level - nearly half (40%) of UK employers said that their employer offered no benefits regarding health or wellbeing.

What´s more, 28% felt that their workplace was “all talk no action” when it came to healthcare. This is despite the fact that 50% of employees said their productivity would increase if they felt healthier.

UK employers were somewhat aware of the benefits of having a healthy workforce - 57% agreed with the view that it made good business sense to have healthy employees; whilst a similar number (58%) knew that an unhealthy workforce could be seen as a business risk.

However, when you compare these figures with other countries, the UK falls significantly behind. The study found that in Australia and Poland, a respective 85% and 82% of employers agreed that having healthy employees made good business sense. Meanwhile, 81% of New Zealander employers and 80% of Spanish employers felt that an unhealthy workforce was a risk to business. On a slightly more positive note, 64% of UK employers did agree that a healthy workforce is a more productive one.

According to Patrick Watt, corporate director at Bupa UK, empoyers have a “clear role” to play when it comes to supporting the health and wellbeing of their team.

“There is huge potential for employers to engage employees and support them to adopt healthier lifestyles through workplace health and wellbeing initiatives,” he explained.

“Not only will this benefit the individual, but smart employers know that healthier employers come to work, perform at their peak and go the extra mile.”

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