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28 Apr 2014

Businesses Encouraged To Contact TPR In Case Of Auto-Enrolment Compliance Problems

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) is calling on businesses that are worried they may not be ready to comply with automatic enrolment regulation in time to inform the regulator well in advance. By doing so, businesses may receive assistance from TPR and avoid penalties for non-compliance later on, the regulator has stated in a press release.

The statement also revealed that as of 23 April, the regulator has issued 15 compliance notices. This news came as TPR issued its first section 89 report, in which it describes the case study of Dunelm Soft Furnishing Ltd and outlines lessons that business can learn to avoid compliance issues. The report also reveals how the regulator and Dunelm cooperated to resolve the issues.

Some of the key lessons highlighted in the section 89 report include the recommendation that employers experiencing problems while preparing for auto-enrolment should contact the regulator and discuss them. The regulator highlighted the need for robust corporate governance to ensure registration is completed on time and accurately. TPR also advises businesses to test their payroll systems in advance to make sure any potential problems are resolved in time.

TPR is focusing on an active compliance culture and wants to make it clear to employers that it is willing to assist them with compliance and meeting all auto-enrolment requirements, executive director for automatic enrolment Charles Counsell said in the press release. In total, about 99.9% of businesses that have already completed their registration have done so on their own, he added.

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