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23 Feb 2015

Employers Over-Estimating Employee Happiness, Study Shows

New research has brought to light a discrepancy between how highly employers rate their staff´s happiness levels and the views of employees themselves, the Workplace Savings and Benefits website reports.

According to MetLife´s Employee Benefit Trends Study, which questioned a representative sample of 301 employers and 300 employees, there is a clear difference between the number of companies who feel that their business is a great place work (46%) and the number of employees who feel the same (31%).

The report also highlighted a gap when it comes to views on staff recruitment and retention. Whilst 39% of firms think their employees are loyal, just 32% of employees said they felt loyal to their employer. Even worse than that, although 40% of employers believed they were loyal to their staff, nearly half that number of employees (22%) felt any loyalty from their employer.

Although only 10% of employees expressed a desire to change job in the next 12 months, MetLife has warned that this could be due to them ‘sticking it out´, rather than because of any particular feelings of loyalty.

Commenting on the findings, MetLife´s director Tom Gaynor noted the “significant differences” between employer and employee views – which he thinks shows that bosses are “over-optimistic about the success of their employee benefits and engagement strategies.”

The researchers pointed to some key areas that employers and benefit providers need to address, including advice on financial issues such as retirement planning; useful well-being initiatives to help with employee stress levels; and more frequent communication between management and staff to help boost engagement.

These improvements do not require heavy financial investment, Gaynor advises; in fact, one of the best things that employers can do is to listen to what their staff need - which of course costs nothing.

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