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01 Dec 2014

FDs Paying More Attention To Employee Wellbeing

New research has shown that finance directors and their colleagues are realising the importance of workplace wellbeing, and are becoming more aware of their role in it, the WSB website reports.

According to a survey by Unum, which questioned 253 finance professionals about how they and their organisation deal with employee wellbeing, awareness of the issue within corporations is on the up.

The report found that there is an overall positive attitude towards workplace benefits and how they can benefit companies, with 54% of respondents agreeing that they create value for their business.

As well as this, individual responsibility for staff wellbeing is increasing among professionals – with 86% of managers feeling that it was part of their role. In fact, more than half (53%) of respondents felt that staff wellbeing was higher on their corporate agenda than five years ago, compared to just 7% who said it was less important, and 40% who said it had stayed the same.

When asked what a ‘caring company´ might look like, the majority (56%) took the view that it was one based on a foundation of happy and engaged employees. A further 25% added that it should embrace the needs of different employees and treat them as individuals.

In terms of which benefits have the greatest impact on employee wellbeing, flexible working came first by a significant margin, followed by workplace pensions. Cycle schemes was at the bottom of the list.

According to Steve Harry, Unum´s financial officer; “Employee wellbeing is rising up the corporate agenda […] but there´s still plenty to be done – particularly in order to keep up with the evolving workforce.”

Harry concluded that financial directors were in a position to lead from the front when it comes to employee wellbeing. They should be encouraging companies to review their existing strategies and ensure that they´re worthwhile for both staff and employers, he added.

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