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21 Aug 2017

Government match-funding would boost employee health and wellbeing investment, says EEF

UK firms would be more likely to invest in employee health and wellbeing programmes if there was match-funding available from the government.

That´s according to a new survey by EEF, the manufacturers´ organisation, which questioned 264 companies about sickness absence.

EEF argued that the UK Government should place more emphasis in its Industrial Strategy on ensuring that the workforce can stay healthy, help improve productivity and contribute to the economy.

“We also need to invest in workplace health for an ageing working population,” the organisation pointed out.

The survey showed that companies are already increasing their efforts to enhance the work and wellbeing of employees over 50 so they can continue to retain their services and address long-term health issues.

Almost half of employers (46%) offer flexible working, while almost a third (32%) have invested in workplace modifications and over a quarter (28%) have health promotion arrangements in place.

Given skills shortages, and the potential for more limited access to EU workers once the UK leaves the European Union, these efforts are likely to increase, EEF said.

The organisation highlighted how fiscal incentives could pay a key role in encouraging companies to pay for employee health and wellbeing programmes.

Around four fifths of companies would pay for workplace adjustments, rehabilitation or private medical treatments if financial incentives were introduced, while just over a quarter (28%) of companies said that financial incentives would help them recruit or retain people with disabilities and health conditions.

And almost half (47%) said that employer/government matched funding would encourage them to contribute to the cost of employee health and wellbeing programmes.

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