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17 Aug 2015

Law firms offer many employee benefits, but less flexibility

The Employee Benefits website has teamed up with The Lawyer to determine the top employee benefits offered by law firms in the UK. Around 70 firms took part in the survey and it was determined that while law firms do offer a wide range of employee benefits, there is less flexibility and innovation than in other sectors.

The main findings of ‘The Lawyer Employee workplace benefits and wellbeing research´ were that over 50% of the firms surveyed offered employees 25 days´ paid leave every year, and 33% provide more than this. However, only 20% of firms allowed their staff to either buy or sell holiday days.

When it came to flexible working, while the majority of firms offered flexible hours (75%), only 33% offered sabbaticals. But on top of this, despite lawyers being renowned for having heavy workloads, only 50% of firms offered any kind of workflow monitoring, meaning that very few employees are offered the chance to better manage their workloads.

This can have a negative effect on mental wellbeing, with high workloads contributing to high stress levels. Well-being initiatives in law firms were also found to be under-developed, with only 25% offering employees the chance to learn about and manage their stress levels. Only 17% offered any kind of information on mental well-being and only 33% offered a counselling service.

When it came to cash benefits, however, law firms were very generous; 80% offered cash bonuses to employees – but this was mainly for individual performance and did not take team performance into account. Over four-fifths also provided pension benefits, but very few (10%) offered defined benefit (DB) schemes.

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