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15 Jun 2015

Majority Of Employers Unable To Identify Mental Health Issues

A new study has revealed that the majority (83%) of businesses in the UK feel they aren´t able to identify when a member of staff is struggling with mental health issues, Health Insurance Daily reports.

According to a Health Assured survey, which questioned 1,023 employers and leaders for their thoughts on employee health and wellbeing, more than two thirds (67%) had implemented some form of employee wellbeing measure in their company in the past 12 months.

However, with so many feeling unable to tackle mental health issues, there are concerns that managers and HR departments still aren´t doing enough in regards to employee health.

David Price, managing director of Health Assured, explains that effective employee wellbeing strategies aren´t just about making sure that employees are in good physical health so that they are able to do their jobs; they should also ensure that employees are happy in the workplace.

This includes monitoring traits such as signs of stress or overtiredness, and being aware of any indicators of bullying or harassment from colleagues.

“Employers may not be trained to identify the signs of mental health, however the signs can be easily identified,” he noted.

“You may notice unusual characteristics such as: the employee is quiet, or may not be interacting with their colleagues, or you may notice a deterioration in productivity. Have an informal chat with the individual and see if you can offer assistance, and more importantly, someone to talk with.”

What´s more, Price argues that taking care of employees´ wellbeing can benefit the company just as much as the individual, as healthy and happy employees are less likely to call in sick or need time off.

It´s better to spot the signs and intervene early in order to prevent absenteeism; and employers should conduct regular surveys or questionnaires - and act upon the feedback they receive - to show staff that their views are taken seriously and that their bosses care.

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