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06 Mar 2017

More employers using wellbeing strategies to boost engagement

New research has found that employees in the UK are introducing workplace wellbeing strategies at an “unprecedented rate,” the Business Matters magazine reports.

According to a recent survey by Punter Southall Health & Protection, nearly half (45%) of UK companies have a clearly-defined wellbeing strategy in place – compared to less than a third who did so in 2016.

And of those who don´t, nearly all of them plan to introduce one; for 46%, this will be implemented this year, while for 24% it will be implemented in the next few years, and for around 25% it is on their ‘wishlist´.

The main reason for launching a wellbeing strategy is boosting employee engagement, cited by more than a third of employers. This was followed by improving company culture, cited by just over a quarter, followed by drivers such as boosting productivity, reducing sickness absence and employee retention.

Commenting on the findings, Beate O´Neil – head of Wellbeing Consulting at Punter Southall Health & Protection – said the rise in companies promoting health and wellbeing strategies showed that wellbeing was no longer a nice optional extra, but “an area of growing strategic importance.”

The majority of employers are focusing on promoting physical activity (86%) and mental health (82%); but there seems to be less emphasis on reducing negative behaviours such as drinking and smoking.

The most popular initiatives on offer are employee assistance programmes, followed by free or discounted gym memberships, and health screenings. Others plan to add mindfulness sessions and health/wellbeing apps for smartphones.

“It is clear that employee wellbeing is firmly on the agenda for many forward-thinking organisations,” noted O´Neil.

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