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26 Oct 2015

One fifth of UK workers aren´t using their full holiday entitlement

New research has revealed that more than a fifth of the UK workforce failed to take all of their holiday leave entitlement in 2014, the Director of Finance website reports.

According to a new report published by Canada Life Group Insurance, the number of UK employees who did not take their full holiday allowance fell by only 1% last year, suggesting that there is a continuing trend for overworking and a disparity in the nation´s work/life balance.

Even more worryingly, the findings suggest that employers are actually preventing their staff from taking their entitled time off – some 5% of respondents said that their company discouraged team members from taking holiday leave.

Other reasons for not taking their full amount of holiday include staffing issues – such as staff leaving or going on maternity leave – cited by one in seven respondents, and failing to plan their time effectively meaning that they ran out of opportunities to take a break, cited by 16% of those surveyed.

The general feeling conveyed by the employees questioned was that they didn´t think their bosses made health and wellbeing a priority.

Commenting on the issue, Paul Avis – managing director of Canada Life Group Insurance – stressed the importance of putting employees´ health at the top of the agenda, and ensuring that they feel comfortable about taking their allocated holiday.

“Employers need to communicate that they won´t penalise staff for taking the leave entitled to them but also that support is available when they are genuinely in need of help, whether that be work life balance juggling, stress or anxiety and depression,” he advised.

He added: “Employee Assistance Programmes are a great way of providing support for all stages of life. At a time when salaries are improving and all employees now offer pensions, employers need to think of other ways to appeal to top-calibre staff.”

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