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04 Jun 2015

Over Two-Thirds Of Companies Do Not Monitor Employees´ Physical Health, Study Shows

A recent study conducted by Unum has found that more than two-thirds (69%) of employers do not have an efficient procedure in place to enable them to monitor the physical health of their employees.

The study, cited in an article on the Employee Benefits website, includes responses from a total 410 employers. While the majority were found to not have a process in place for monitoring physical health, two-thirds (66%) said that they did not have a procedure for monitoring employees´ mental health, either.

Among the other findings was the fact that over one-third (34%) of companies do not have a wellbeing strategy of any kind in place. Of the companies that do have a strategy, just 15% talk to their staff about it at least once per month. Additionally, a mere 11% of those companies offer managers adequate training to enable them to learn the strategy and understand the benefits of implementing one.

HR director at Unum, Linda Levesque, commented that employee wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important consideration for companies, who are now starting to understand the impact it has on engagement and overall business performance.

However, Levesque added that “while many businesses have taken proactive steps to improve the support on offer to staff, they need to take a more holistic approach.

“So, while respondents may have brought in a great new scheme to help improve employee health, unless they communicate this to staff and train line managers on how and when to offer it, they are not making the most of the associated benefits.”

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