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03 Oct 2016

PM orders review of UK employment

The Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered a review of modern employment practices, the Contractor UK website reports.

The review will be headed by Matthew Taylor, CEO of the Royal Society of Arts, and its main purpose will be considering whether “current definitions of employment status need to be updated to reflect new forms of working.”

With atypical workers such as freelancers and contractors transforming the world of work, the review will call into question whether modern employment law and practices should be restructured. This will send an important message to employers and workers throughout the country.

The focus of the report will also extend from Personal Service Companies to the Freelancer Limited Company, encompassing a “diverse ecology of business models.”

Speaking to The Guardian, Taylor - Tony Blair´s ex-adviser - asked: “Can we explore and promote new forms of enterprise as the distinction between owner, worker, contractor and consumer gets more blurred?”

He added that he would face the review with an “open mind”, but that he hoped the recommendations from his team would create more “opportunity” and “control for workers.”

Explaining the need for the review, he highlighted that there is “a world of difference between the happily self-employed software consultant in Hackney and a worker on zero hours desperate for greater security and job progression”.

Meanwhile, a similar review conducted by trade body PRISM and the Social Market Foundation will tackle the same issue within the private sector. The group explains that “restrictions to travel and subsistence relief and proposed IR35 changes” are just some of the changes being faced by contractors and employment intermediaries.

These restrictions and changes are likely to feature in one of the six chapters of Taylor´s report.

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