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30 Jun 2014

UK Employees Take Less Than Five Days Off Due To Sickness

Two out of three UK companies implement proactive strategies to manage sickness absence as a business risk, according to a new survey by manufacturers´ organisation EEF.

The annual Sickness Absence report, which looks into the ways that British firms deal with sickness absence, revealed that UK businesses could be doing much more to improve the way they manage the issue. Almost two in five of respondents said that they had no sickness targets in place, whereas nearly two in three organisations that set such targets managed to achieve them, the poll found.

Sickness absence rates have reached a new average low, standing at 2.1%, which equates to less than five days per year per employee. However, the survey reported that 40% of respondents listed musculoskeletal issues, stress and other mental health conditions, as some of the most common causes of long-term sickness absence.

Currently, 46% of those polled paid for medical interventions, EEF found. About half of those who did not pay for such interventions at present stated that they would be willing to do so, if they received tax relief from the government.

Another interesting finding from the poll is the fact that 40% of employers fail to see the benefits of introducing ‘fit notes´ as a means of bringing employees back to work faster, compared to the 24% who think that they serve their purpose well.

Furthermore, the report revealed that the amount of respondents who believe that their GP´s advice on employees´ fitness has not improved, is twice as high as those who have seen some improvement.

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