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20 Nov 2017

UK employers see correlation between employee health and performance

The vast majority (96%) of employers in the UK see a direct correlation between employee health and performance, according to the 2017 Health Survey from Aon.

The survey of 200 UK organisations also found that health and wellbeing is rising up the corporate agenda, with 96% of employers agreeing that they are responsible for improving employee health behaviours. And 77% are looking to improve on their existing health and wellbeing programmes in the next 12 months.

It´s not just the physical health of the workforce that employers want to take care of. They are looking to strike a balance between what Aon describes as the ‘four core pillars´ of health and wellbeing: emotional, physical, social and financial.

In the survey, 43% of employers said they are looking to evolve their emotional health offering to support mental health issues further. Another 53% are looking to improve the support available to employees through financial wellbeing initiatives — recognising the importance of this issue in its own right but also perhaps acknowledging the established links between financial, emotional and physical wellbeing.

The survey also revealed that 41% of respondents connect their insured employee benefits, such as medical and disability insurance, to their health and wellbeing strategy.

Mark Witte, head of healthcare & risk consulting at Aon Employee Benefits, said: “Employers have never paid so much attention to employee health. This is understandable when the vast majority recognise its impact on company performance. But a combination of social and economic issues has made it even more relevant than it was before. Issues include escalating healthcare costs, a continued shift away from the state for the health and welfare burden, increased awareness of the impact of underlying poor health behaviours, increasingly diverse and multigenerational workforces, and escalating debt and emotional pressures.

“The concerns of employers are many, but — across the board — mental health is seen as the top current concern on their agenda (43%), while physical (33%) and lifestyle (33%) behaviours follow closely behind. Indeed, 95% of employers are concerned about the current and future issues of mental health. The number one future concern by a significant margin is an ageing workforce (43%) and it will clearly be an area of enormous focus in the coming years.”

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