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12 May 2014

UK Employers To Focus On Boosting Employee Engagement

Three-quarters of British employers plan to focus on improving employee engagement, suggesting that the issue will be top priority this year, according to the new Benefits Research 2014.

The survey, conducted by Employee Benefits in March, covered 256 employers and revealed that employee engagement has remained businesses´ biggest concern when it comes to benefits. The issue has consistently topped the list since 2011, with the proportion of respondents listing it as their key concern remaining relatively stable.

Another important task that employers are to embark on in 2014 is improving communication with staff to build a better understanding of employee benefits. This year, two-thirds of respondents will aim to achieve this, compared to 48% last year.

Overall, 44% of those polled have introduced a new benefit over the past year — a relatively high percentage that could be attributed to the end of the recession and increased employer awareness of the value of benefits to promote engagement. The most common benefit, provided by 89% of British businesses, is a pension scheme, due to the ongoing automatic enrolment programme. Counselling or employee assistance programmes (EAPs) are also widely adopted, with four in five businesses providing them.

Authors of the research commented that as recruitment market conditions change and competition for skilled and experienced employees intensifies, the role of employee benefits is likely to increase. And as the jobs market continues to grow, this trend for businesses to create reward strategies is likely to remain a key factor in recruitment.

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