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20 Aug 2012

UK Final Salary Pensions Deficit Grows In July

The aggregate deficit of the schemes in the Pension Protection Fund's (PPF) 7800 index grew to £283.0 billion at the end of last month from £267.0 billion in June, according to data released last week.

The figure also marked a significant increase from the level at the end of July 2011 when the deficit stood at £78.0 billion. In addition, the funding ratio of schemes - representing the schemes' assets as a percentage of s179 liabilities - eased to 78.9% at the end of last month from 79.6% a month earlier and 92.7% a year ago.

The aggregate deficit of all schemes in deficit at end-July rose to £306.5 billion against £291.3 billion the previous month and £129.6 billion at end-July 2011. The number of schemes in deficit was 5,418 at the end of July, representing 84.2% of the total 6,432 defined benefit schemes in the index. At the end of June there were 5,388 schemes in deficit.

Meanwhile, the total surpluses of schemes in surplus fell to £23.5 billion last month from £24.2 billion in June and £51.6 billion last year. There were 1,014 schemes in surplus last month, or 15.8% of all schemes, against 1,044 in June.

Total scheme assets within the index were estimated at £1.0575 trillion at end-July, increasing 1.6% over the month and 6.9% over the year. The month-on-month rise reflected an improvement in equity markets and higher gilt prices. Total scheme liabilities added up to £1.3405 trillion last month, a rise of 2.5% from the previous month, due to a decline in gilt yields and higher gilt prices. The year-on-year increase was 25.6%.

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