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Investment process & philosophy

To do this, we have a thorough investment strategy, which combines our investment philosophy and implementation through our investment process.

We believe it is vital for all investment decisions to be properly considered and investigated, and we do this through our Investment Committee. As a team of seasoned investment professionals with both retail and institutional investment expertise, the Committee designs our investment strategy and puts it into practice.  They implement ongoing refinements to our approach and ensure that Fidelius is well placed to take advantage of new developments and investment ideas.

Our investment process combines risk management, asset allocation, fund selection and ongoing monitoring. Each stage involves extensive and detailed research.  We apply our investment approach consistently across all our portfolios, regardless of size or type, and are acutely aware that even a small outperformance can lead to significantly enhanced long-term returns. 

We place the balance between risk and return at the heart of our investment philosophy, which is founded on a set of beliefs that include:

  • Risk management – we assess your personal attitude to risk using our risk profiling process and, with an understanding of how much risk you are willing to take with your money, we aim to maintain the right level of risk in your investment fund using our Targeted Volatility Investment Process.
  • Diversification - it is generally accepted that holding a wide variety of assets can increase investment returns and, importantly, reduce the risk associated with these returns. We use a well-diversified multi-asset approach to help you achieve a more consistent return from year to year.
  • Fund selection - using our detailed fund selection process, ongoing analysis and research into all the funds available, we aim to add value to the long-term performance of our investment portfolios by using the ‘best of breed’ fund managers in each sector.

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