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Helping your employees to better understand their benefits

A core part of our service is improving employee engagement through effective communication, including individual face-to-face support. This can benefit your employees in a number of ways:

  • By better understanding the benefits you provide better, employees are able to see just how they can help both them as individuals and their families – this is particularly true of financial benefits such as life assurance, income protection and your company pension scheme.
  • Individual support combats the ‘fear factor’ many people feel when it comes to managing their finances - our guidance and education helps employees understand when they need to do something and what they need to do, reducing stress caused by financial worries and reducing financial pressures in later life.
  • Once employees know where to turn to get the support they need, they soon realise they don’t need to be experts themselves and are more likely to take action.
  • If we help with your company pension scheme, the individual advice we provide will extend to analysing and advising on an employee’s past pension benefits. By helping an employee make sure their pension savings are in the most cost-effective scheme, we help them make sure they are maximising their retirement income.
  • Our trigger communications are individually targeted messages sent to employees at specific times appropriate to their own particular circumstances. For example, by linking the pension and benefits you provide to the employee’s own ‘domestic’ finances you can help them see a more complete picture of how their reward package benefits them.

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