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Face-to-face support

A personal approach to employee benefits communication

In our experience, face-to-face communications are the single most effective way of helping employees understand the pension scheme and benefits offered by their employer.
We offer an extensive range of face-to-face support options including:

  • group presentations - to provide general information and help employees understand the decisions they need to make, for example, in relation to their pension or flexible benefits scheme
  • individual meetings with employees – covering a wide range of topics, such as:
    • how their benefit options can help meet their individual needs
    • how much they need to save in order to reach the income in retirement they are targeting
    • whether they should transfer previous pension benefits into their current scheme
    • explaining their total reward statement
  • seminars – on understanding investment, preparing for retirement or general financial education topics such as managing debt

Our face-to-face service can also extend to full independent financial advice (including wealth management and inheritance tax planning), financial planning for executives and redundancy counselling.

To ensure employees can benefit from guidance at times when they should consider taking action, we work with you to identify ‘trigger events’.  For example, these could include:

  • being promoted and/or receiving a pay rise
  • qualifying for a bonus
  • moving to a higher rate tax bracket
  • becoming eligible for a higher level of employer contributions

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