UK workers would welcome gamified rewards and bonuses

07 May 2019

Could 'gamification' of rewards and bonuses help engage employees and motivate them to perform well?

A gamified bonus system gives out points or small rewards in order to encourage achievement and good behaviour.

At present, only about half (48%) of UK businesses offer some form of gamified rewards or incentives to their staff, according to research by workplace incentives and rewards provider One4all Rewards. Among these, the most common is a set bonus for completing a specific goal, such as hitting a sales target.

The survey of 1,000 UK workers suggests there is untapped potential, with 79% saying they would like to see gamified bonuses introduced introduced at their place of work.

A popular form of gamification is a points-based system, in which employees earn points by achieving set goals, which can then be used to unlock various rewards or prizes. As employees earn more points, they can access rewards of greater value.

In One4all Rewards' survey, 24% said that a points-based system would motivate them to work harder and 23% said that work would become more enjoyable for them, while one in five (20%) thought that their performance would increase.

The most popular types of gamified rewards are:

1. Monetary-based bonuses or rewards (49%)

2. Gift vouchers or gift cards (33%)

3. An extra day off for a birthday (25%)

4. Increase in annual leave allocation (23%)

5. A meal paid for by the company (17%)

6. A trip away (16.8%)

7. A personal gift suited to my interests (15%)

8. A hamper (14.8%)

9. Exclusive retail/experience discounts (13%)

10. Duvet days (12.6%)

On average, workers would most like to receive rewards and bonuses around once a month. This was the most popular option at 37%, while just 18% would prefer to receive them annually and 10% prefer weekly rewards.

Commenting on the research, Alan Smith, UK managing director at One4all Rewards, said: "Some companies shy away from rewards systems based on gamification; however they are not only incredibly powerful, but they can be quite cost effective as they rely on giving out small rewards rather than large bonuses. Better yet -- the UK workforce is crying out for them."

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