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03 Feb 2020
The huge increase in property prices over the past few decades means that many homeowners are sitting on property wealth. And many older homeowners are planning to tap this wealth to supplement their income in retirement, according to new research from Key.
27 Jan 2020
It can be said that any company is only as good as the people it employs -- after all, these are the people who are the face of your business and looking after customers who are paying your fees. But whilst most employees seek job security in difficult economic times, an improvement in these…
20 Jan 2020
Are you entitled to pensioner benefits? There are various state benefits that you may be entitled to in retirement -- including Pension Credit (made up of Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit) and Council Tax Reduction -- and it's part of a financial adviser's job to make sure you claim everything…
13 Jan 2020
Auto Enrolment was originally introduced in the Pensions Act 2008, with the first, larger employers reaching what was known as their staging date in October 2012. This continued through to 2018 and now all companies have staged and set up a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme for employees.
06 Jan 2020
Whether you're looking to manage your investments, save for a comfortable retirement or set aside enough to pass on to your children and grandchildren, planning your financial future means making the right spending, saving and investment decisions to meet your goals.
30 Dec 2019
To get the most out of your investment in employee benefits, it makes sense to tailor what you offer to the needs of your workforce and your business. However, new research suggests that many organisations are neglecting the needs of their older employees. Seven in 10 companies in the UK are not…
23 Dec 2019
Are you likely to receive an inheritance? And if so, have you thought about what you'll do with the money? People's needs and priorities differ at various life stages, but buying or improving property is among the top three priorities for all age groups, new research shows.
16 Dec 2019
Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace isn't just good for your employees: it makes sense from a business point of view. By helping to prevent stress and create a positive working environment, health and wellbeing initiatives can go a long way towards maximising employee engagement and…
09 Dec 2019
Financial planning can help you take stock of your life and finances and build up funds for the future, whatever your plans and expectations. But have you ever wondered about the actual value of financial advice? Well, according to new research from Royal London and the International Longevity…