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27 Mar 2019
More than a million people are at risk of breaching the UK Government's £1.03m lifetime limit for pension tax relief over the course of their working life, new research reveals. The Lifetime Allowance (LTA) is a limit on the amount of pension benefit that can be drawn from pension schemes (in lump…
25 Mar 2019
Only a quarter of employers have a good understanding of group critical illness (GCI) cover, according to new research. Industry body Group Risk Development (GRiD) wanted to find out whether employers are aware of how GCI pays out and how it can help employees who are diagnosed with a serious…
20 Mar 2019
The political and economic situation in the UK is uncertain, to say the least -- but most UK investors are opting to leave their money where it is. In a survey of 650 adults, Aegon found that 60% are concerned about the impact of current market conditions on the performance of their investments,…
18 Mar 2019
Three-fifths (61.3%) of employees in the UK haven't been given a pay rise in the last 12-18 months, according to research by CV-Library. Of those who did get a pay rise, almost four in ten (38.6%) received an increase of up to 2%.
13 Mar 2019
Are you confident that you'll have enough money over the course of your retirement? Research by Nationwide has found that retired people need an average of £885 a month -- almost £400 more than the state pension. Yet just four in ten (40%) people in middle age have a private pension, and one in…
11 Mar 2019
One in two office workers (51%) don't believe the company's management cares about their working environment, new research has revealed. What's more, two-thirds (65%) of those questioned said they would consider switching employers to join another that had a better office environment -- underlining…
06 Mar 2019
New research from Canada Life has revealed that almost one in five millionaires aged 45 and over (18%) expect to spend all of their funds in retirement. In fact, millionaires are slightly more likely to spend all of their funds in their later years than those with less money at their disposal.
04 Mar 2019
April's increase in auto enrolment contributions is unlikely to have a significant impact on the number of people saving into a workplace pension, according to a new analysis by Royal London. Following last year's increase from 1% to 3%, minimum employee contributions will increase to 5% on 6 April…
27 Feb 2019
Many people in the UK never review the beneficiaries of their financial policies, which means they could end up leaving money to the wrong people. As relationships and lifestyles evolve, and family structures become more complicated, it's important to update your insurance and pension policies.