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10 Jul 2013

AIM Stocks To Be Included In ISAs

The UK Treasury has decided to allow investors to include stocks listed on the junior market in individual savings accounts (ISAs). More than 1,000 AIM-listed stocks are to be included in tax-efficient ISAs, most likely from the autumn, according to early predictions.

While this opens up huge new opportunities for investors, it is worth noting that investing in AIM shares is generally more of a risk than investing in those on the main stock market index. Therefore, research will be crucial for investors willing to take the risk and plunge into the AIM-listed market.

Including AIM shares will also be allowed in Child Trust Funds and Junior ISAs, and adding them to ISA will not affect inheritance-tax advantages. Moreover, they will still be exempt from stamp duty as of April 2014.

All this is undoubtedly good news for investors, as industry experts believe this will cut red tape and will extend tax benefits. Having more choice is likely to boost investments and will provide access to a wider range of stocks, resulting in value and growth, experts commented.

However, investors should be aware of the risks involved. AIM-listed companies are generally less predictable and not as well-known as those on the main stock market. This also means that problems may remain undetected for longer periods of time and this may affect investments, the Independent said.

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