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12 Mar 2013

Equities Tipped The Most Attractive Option To Investors

Investors are constantly in hot pursuit of new income streams as gains from conventional fixed-income sources are beginning to shrink. Equities have started to emerge as their latest favourite, as the Financial Times has established, judging from the results of its latest Celsius sentiment survey.

According to the study, which sounded out projections about the most profitable investments of some 1,000 financial advisers, equities are becoming an attractive option for investors and this trend will most likely persist going forward.

The poll was conducted in late 2012 and was aimed at finding out more about advisers´ views on investment asset classes which will see the highest amounts of money in the first three months of 2013. The respondents cited equities, particularly income-focused equity investments, as the most alluring option to embark on in the asset class part of the survey. The category was rated 2.23 out of a range between -5 and 5, receiving a rating of 3 from about half of the participants in the survey. Looking at the previous editions of the Celsius sentiment survey, it turns out that equities were given the highest mark in eight of the last nine quarters, FT Adviser said.

At the same time, fixed income continues to lose its appeal among intermediaries; despite the slight recovery in its ranking, it was given an almost neutral mark of 0.26.

UK Equity Income was the highest-rated sector, getting a positive rating of 2.13. The report also underscores advisers´ ambition to expand their geographic focus, with Emerging Markets, Global Equity Income and Global being cited as the most attractive regions to invest.

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