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Investments are only one part of financial planning – but a very important part. Whatever stage of life you are at, whether creating, accumulating or preserving wealth, knowing your investments are being managed in line with your specific objectives is essential. Gaining a clear picture of your individual attitude to risk is the crucial first step we take. Next we need to understand your plans, timeframes and what you need to achieve from the capital you invest.

At Fidelius, specialist investment management has always been a core part of our service. Regardless of the individual tax wrappers your money may be held in - whether pensions, ISAs, or direct investments - our approach is the same. We firmly believe that it is our job to look after your money in a way that you can understand and rely on. Our thorough investment strategy comprises our investment philosophy and our investment process. We have extensive internal expertise, including our dedicated Investment Committee, who monitor investments continually and meet regularly to review and update our investment strategy. 

We make maximum use of technology for the benefit of our clients, with the majority of their investments held on a wealth management platform. This enables you to view and access all of your holdings through one simple online portal – giving you a clear, total picture of your wealth at any one time, as well as significantly reducing your paperwork and administration. 

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