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Investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy

Underpinning our investment strategy and the investment advice we provide to our clients, is our investment philosophy. At Fidelius, we use a team-based approach to ensure all investment decisions are properly considered and investigated. This is done through our dedicated internal Investment Committee. The Committee designs and puts our investment strategy into practice. Our strategy is continually monitored and updated to take account of new developments and ideas.

The four pillars of our investment philosophy are:

  • 1

    Diversification increases risk adjusted returns
    It is widely accepted that holding a diversified investment portfolio should not only increase investment returns but, importantly, also reduce the risk associated with these returns, both in terms of volatility and maximum portfolio losses.

  • 2

    Asset allocation drives the majority of risk and return
    In line with most academic research, we believe the majority of portfolio returns are generated from asset allocation decisions.

  • 3

    Fund selection value addition
    Through our detailed fund selection process, ongoing analysis and research into the fund universe, we aim to add value to the long-term performance of the portfolios we manage by using the ‘best of breed’ fund managers (selected through both quantitative and qualitative measures) within their respective asset allocations.

  • 4

    The use of liquid and transparent investments
    Only liquid funds are used within our portfolios - meaning they can be bought and sold easily and without delay. Investments that the Investment Committee cannot properly investigate or understand will always be avoided. 

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