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Expat Mortgages

If you’re looking for an expat mortgage, the Fidelius deVere Mortgages team are on hand for every step of your journey. Our expat mortgage broker services take away the strain and worry that can come with buying, or raising finance, from a property – we are here to help you! 

Whether you’re an expat looking to get a residential or buy-to-let mortgage, or need some advice on your next steps, our experts are happy to be at your service.  

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage 

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Types of Expat Mortgages

Residential Mortgage

You may be looking for a residential mortgage if you’re planning on moving back to the UK and want a property to live in when you do. Alternatively, you may be overseas but want to purchase a house for your UK based family and yourself when you return. If this sounds like you, get in touch today.

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Buy to Let Mortgage

If a residential mortgage isn’t the right fit for you, then you may want to consider a buy to let mortgage. A buy to let mortgage is ideal for expats who want to re-mortgage a residential property on a buy to let basis if you’re about to move overseas, you’re situated overseas but want to raise money by re-mortgaging, or you are looking to buy for investment purposes. This can be for capital appreciation, rental yield or both.  

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Process of Buying a Property as an Expat

1. Speak with our advisers

Get in touch with our friendly mortgage team to find out how we can help you. We will be able to assist in answering any of your queries and discuss your options and next steps. Whatever the question, we’re here for you! 

2. Get an agreement in principle 

Our advisers will then apply for your Agreement in Principle (AIP). This is an indication that the lender will let you borrow the specified amount on the condition that all submitted information is correct and nothing changes after the initial application. Once you have this, the property hunting begins and you can put an offer on a property you wish to purchase or proceed with re-mortgaging.

3. Assign us as your mortgage brokers and choose a conveyancer

Once your offer has been accepted, we will support you with your mortgage application and liaise with both the lender and you. This is where our great relationship with lenders comes in handy. The lender will now assess your application and arrange a valuation of your property to ensure they are lending the correct amount against it.

4. Receive your mortgage offer 

If your lender is happy with everything, they will send both us and you an approved mortgage offer. Your chosen conveyancer will now complete any of the required legal work. You will also want to speak with us at this stage about protection planning, and buildings and contents insurance. This is so that it is all in place at the point of exchange. 

5. Exchange and completion 

If you’re re-mortgaging, your conveyancer will confirm a date when the funds will be drawn. If you’re purchasing a property, when contracts have been exchanged, you are then legally tied into the purchase of the property. A date will be agreed for you to complete and collect the keys – a congratulations is also in order! 

Why Fidelius deVere?

Fidelius is an independent, experienced, yet forward thinking Financial Services company, committed to providing the very best advice through our top-quality team.  

With a combined experience of nearly 2 decades, our expert mortgage team average over 300 mortgages per year for expatriate clients and create bespoke insurance solutions. We’ve always specialised in expat mortgages.   

Being independent allows us to source the best lender options, and we also have professional connections with partner solicitors who are experienced in assisting expats buying property in the UK. 

Fidelius deVere believe in establishing a lifelong commitment to our customers with a service that is cost effective, valuable, and able to deliver total peace of mind. From our support teams, right up to management, we pride ourselves on having the correct work ethos and culture needed to provide excellent customer experience. 

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Our team

Amy Bowler 

Mortgage Administrator 

Nicholas Okojie 

Mortgage Adviser 

Keegan Grippo

Senior Independent Mortgage Advisor

Updesh Bhogal

Trainee Mortgage Advisor

Mike Cavin

Head of Mortgages 

If you'd like to keep up to date with our mortgage services, team insights and general industry news, follow our dedicated LinkedIn mortgage page here.


Can I get a mortgage as an expat?

Expats can apply for a mortgage in the UK and Fidelius deVere Mortgages are used to providing effective solutions on a regular basis for expats living all over the globe. 

How long does an expat mortgage application take?  

While dependent on your circumstances and which lender you go with, in most cases the process can take up to 10-12 weeks to be signed off. However, each application is treated uniquely, with your expat mortgage broker able to advise process times during your application. 

How much deposit do you need for an expat mortgage?

A UK expat or non-UK client buying in the UK may have to have a deposit of up to 25% (or more depending upon personal circumstances). 

There is a chance you can get a mortgage for a residential property with just 10% - however most lenders offer maximum lending of 80% loan to value, so a suggested starting deposit of 20% would give you more options. 

Are the best expat mortgage rates much higher than standard rates? 

Compared to typical mortgage rates, expat mortgage rates do tendto be slightly higher due to the increased risk lenders face with borrowers living abroad.  

Is it easy to get a mortgage in the UK?

Expats looking to buy a residential property are usually considered good risks by mortgage lenders, so some conditions may apply. 

It can be difficult to apply for a mortgage in the UK as a self-employed expat, however if you have audited accounts to prove your income, it should be straight forward. 

Choosing the right mortgage is essential and is not always as simple as it may first seem. We can help you choose the right solution for you by understanding your circumstances and finding the most appropriate solution for your needs.

What costs are associated with an expat property purchase and mortgage? 

There are both additional upfront and ongoing costs to consider when acquiring a mortgage, as well as any personal protection products. Solicitor’s fees, valuation and land registry fees are all examples of upfront costs. But there are also ongoing costs to consider, such as bills, leaseholder, and mortgage payments.  

Do Fidelius deVere Mortgages provide ancillary products? 

Other than aiding with mortgages and acquiring insurance and protection planning, we can also help clients source solicitors.

What are the minimum and maximum age thresholds for acquiring a mortgage?  

The minimum age for acquiring a mortgage is 18 years of age, with the maximum solely dependent on the personal circumstances of the client. Most lenders go up to 75 years of age but have occasionally gone above this. We advise discussing your situation with one of our mortgage brokers for a more definitive answer.  

Can an expat get a buy to let mortgage?

Expats can choose between a buy to let or residential mortgage. Find out more here.

How can I book a meeting with Fidelius deVere Mortgages? 

We can arrange a meeting via telephone or video call. If you're local, we can even arrange a face-to-face meeting. 

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