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08 Feb 2021
With the coronavirus outbreak changing the way many employees do their jobs, firms of of all sizes have been looking at their employee benefits offering to see if it still matches what their workers want and need. Smaller firms in particular have introduced new benefits over the past year,…
01 Feb 2021
You might think you've got enough experience to be able to spot an investment scam. But with new figures showing the scale of sophisticated 'clone firm' scams over the past year, it's worth arming yourself against the fraudsters.
25 Jan 2021
It's almost a year since Covid-19 turned all our lives upside down, changing working patterns and forcing millions of people to work from home for the first time. Now, a new international survey reveals how the disruption has impacted employees' mental health and wellbeing, with stress, anxiety and…
18 Jan 2021
Will your retirement savings last as long as you need them to? It's a crucial question, and one that a financial adviser will assess when looking at your pension savings and investments and your spending habits.
11 Jan 2021
When do you tell new employees about the benefits available to them? Do you put the information in the job advert or offer letter, or do you leave it until they have joined the company? Employee benefits can be an incredibly effective recruitment tool, but all too often they are only communicated…
04 Jan 2021
A growing number of people in the UK rely on expert help with financial decision making, ranging from from one-off decisions about buying a particular product, to navigating more complex issues such as investments, trusts and estate planning.
21 Dec 2020
There's nothing quite like a pandemic for getting everyone to think about health and wellbeing. As well as the immediate measures required in the workplace, such as social distancing, screens, face masks and hand sanitiser, employers have been looking to the longer term. In fact, research by…
14 Dec 2020
Fraud can take a variety of forms and fraudsters are very good at coming up with new and ingenious ways of conning people out of their hard-earned cash. So it's important to be aware of the tactics they use and how to guard against becoming their next victim. This year, the Investment Association (…
11 Dec 2020
Bath Minerva Choir is one of the leading choirs in the city of Bath, with well over one hundred members, it is a friendly non-auditioning choir that welcomes singers of all standards. The choir would usually hold a Christmas concert in Bath, this year they're bringing carols straight to your home…