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07 Dec 2020
When employees are diagnosed with a serious illness it can lead to issues ranging from physical and mental health problems to financial worries. To support staff -- and help ensure they perform at their best when at work -- there are various forms of support that employers can offer.
30 Nov 2020
Families don't always agree on how wealth should be invested, but the generations are united in the belief that wealth should drive positive change in the world and society. That's according to a new report from Barclays Private Bank, which says that sustainable investing is something that can…
23 Nov 2020
Many employees would say that pay and bonuses are their biggest motivator at work. While benefits like pensions, wellbeing initiatives and learning & development opportunities make for a happier and more productive workplace, employers also need to get the basics right -- and that means…
16 Nov 2020
2020 has been a year that many of us would rather forget, and the pandemic has put a hole in many people's finances. But for those lucky enough to be able to carry on working, the restrictions on going out have meant fewer opportunities to spend money. And some people, particularly those in their…
09 Nov 2020
Women are more likely than men to have gaps in their pension contributions and to save less in a pension due to lower-paid or part-time working. Women also live longer than men -- on average by 3.7 years -- so need their pension savings to last longer. While automatic enrolment has brought about a…
02 Nov 2020
In a divorce, many people overlook their pensions and retirement savings when agreeing a financial split. However, the consequences of this can be significant, with a shortfall in your retirement finances and potentially even a future claim from your ex-spouse.
26 Oct 2020
It takes time and effort to put together an employee benefits package that meets the needs of a diverse workforce, and incentivises and rewards their hard work. But it's a waste of resources if your employees aren't aware of the benefits available to them, or don't understand their options. In a…
19 Oct 2020
Working for yourself can be hugely rewarding, but it also brings a whole load of additional responsibilities -- one of which is planning your financial future without the safety net of automatic enrolment. Yet many self-employed people are not doing enough to ensure they will have a comfortable…
12 Oct 2020
Whatever life stage your employees are at, financial education can help them make the most of their money now and in the future. But new research shows that take-up of financial education in the workplace varies greatly across the generations.