Half of UK office workers think managers don't care about the workplace environment

One in two office workers (51%) don't believe the company's management cares about their working environment, new research has revealed.

What's more, two-thirds (65%) of those questioned said they would consider switching employers to join another that had a better office environment -- underlining the importance of workplace conditions on employees' morale, health and wellbeing.

The survey of 2,000 UK-based office workers was carried out by Home Leisure Direct, a supplier of games room equipment for workplace breakout areas.

"The fact that one in two office workers don't believe their employer cares about the working environment they provide is a real eye-opener," Andy Beresford, managing director of Home Leisure Direct, told HR News. "Those of us who work in an office environment spend a huge chunk of our time there, so you'd like to think that management would take the time to ensure that it's conducive to productivity and wellbeing. That such a high percentage don't feel that applies to their workplace really is surprising."

The research also found low levels of activity among the office workers surveyed: one in three (32%) spend over 80% of their time at work sitting down, and a further 28% sit down for more than 60% of the working day.

Many people are largely inactive at lunchtime, too, with 69% of respondents admitting they eat lunch at their desks.

Office breakout areas can help get workers on their feet and exercising regularly -- potentially improving their health and wellbeing while also increasing their productivity at work.

Asked about breakout areas, 70% of those who don't currently have access to one said they would like one and the most popular options for equipment were pool tables (42.7%) and table tennis tables (27.5%).

Posted on March 11th 2019

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