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City flats back in demand after return to office

Posted by Fidelius on May 23rd 2022

More than two years since the start of the pandemic, how has the housing market changed?


Health and wellbeing 'slipping down the agenda'

Posted by Fidelius on May 16th 2022

Two years into the coronavirus pandemic, are employers paying enough attention to employee health and wellbeing?


The ultimate guide to getting a mortgage as an expat returning to the UK

The ultimate guide to getting a mortgage as an expat returning to the UK

We’ve put together this handy guide to provide you with everything you need to know about getting an expat mortgage, including the potential costs and the steps to expect when searching for and buying UK property.


Average drawdown for equity release customers is £125,000

Posted by Fidelius on May 9th 2022

Homeowners who opted for equity release last year withdrew the equivalent of more than seven years of retirement income from their home.


Buy-to-let 'bounces back'

Posted by Fidelius on May 3rd 2022

Rent rises are tempting landlords back and the buy-to-let market is growing again.


Financial wellbeing: supporting employees as living costs rise

Posted by Fidelius on April 25th 2022

With one in four employees saying that money worries affect their ability to do their job, how can employers support their workforce through the cost of living crisis?


Online safety law aims to tackle scams and fraud

Posted by Fidelius on April 19th 2022

Fraudsters deploy a range of scams and psychological tricks to con people out of money online. Would you know what to do if you were targeted by scammers?


Mortgage arrears fall despite end of furlough scheme and rising living costs

Posted by Fidelius on April 11th 2022

Most borrowers are managing to keep up with their mortgage and loan repayments, despite continued increases in the cost of living.


How to retain and attract older employees

Posted by Fidelius on April 4th 2022

With UK firms facing a shortage of workers, what can employers do keep their older employees happy -- and perhaps attract others to fill vacancies?


Two in five savers still not taking advice after pension freedoms

Posted by Fidelius on March 28th 2022

The pension freedoms brought more choice in how and when you can access your pension savings, but new research shows that many savers are still not taking advice.


Most mortgage holders confident about meeting payments despite higher cost of living

Posted by Fidelius on March 21st 2022

Strong house price growth, rising interest rates and surging living costs are denting people's confidence in the housing market -- but most mortgage holders are confident in their ability to continue making their monthly repayments.


Employers plan record pay rises in 2022 as recruitment problems continue

Posted by Fidelius on March 14th 2022

Workers in the UK are in line for record pay rises this year as conditions in the labour market remain squeezed.


Older pensions may deliver poor value, study shows

Posted by Fidelius on March 7th 2022

Some savers could miss out on thousands of pounds if they don't move older pensions to ones that offer better value for money, according to the IFS.


Record rise in first-time buyers despite lower affordability

Posted by Fidelius on February 28th 2022

There was a big increase in the number of people buying their first home last year, despite rising house prices and falling affordability.


More workers seeking support from employee assistance programmes

Posted by Fidelius on February 22nd 2022

There has been a big increase in the number of employees in the UK turning to their employee assistance programme (EAP) during the pandemic -- making this benefit even better value for employers.


'Money' at first sight? How to guard against romance fraud

Posted by Fidelius on February 14th 2022

As well as taking basic safety precautions when using online dating, it's important to protect yourself against financial scams.


Will house prices and demand continue to climb in 2022?

Posted by Fidelius on February 7th 2022

2021 saw a considerable increase in demand for property, along with prices. What's in store for the UK housing market in 2022?


Annuity customers reluctant to switch provider for less than £500 extra per year

Posted by Fidelius on January 31st 2022

It's important to make sure you're getting a good deal on your annuity before you commit, or you could lose out on thousands of pounds over the course of your retirement.


Supporting employee wellbeing has 'positive impact' on the business, employers say

Posted by Fidelius on January 24th 2022

Employers have been investing more in employee wellbeing over the past two years, but are they getting value for money?


One in three homes sold above the asking price last year

Posted by Fidelius on January 17th 2022

Nearly one-third of homes in England and Wales sold for more than their asking price in 2021, according to figures from estate agency Hamptons.


Early retirees are happier, but there can be a price to pay

Posted by Fidelius on January 10th 2022

Before you set a date for early retirement, it's important to think about the sort of lifestyle you want and how you will achieve it.


The Great Resignation and employee retention

Posted by Fidelius on January 4th 2022

The squeeze in the labour market means that employee retention has become a critical issue. What can employers do to ensure they don't lose their best staff in 2022?


'Bumper year' for mortgage lending as 1.5 million homes sold

Posted by Fidelius on December 29th 2021

Mortgage lending has soared in 2021, driven by the cut in stamp duty and people moving away from cities as remote working became the norm.


How has Covid affected people's retirement plans?

Posted by Fidelius on December 20th 2021

The polarising impact of the pandemic means that the prospect of an early retirement appears more achievable for some, while others are adjusting for a delay before they can stop working.


Employers planning to invest more in employee health

Posted by Fidelius on December 13th 2021

A new global survey shows that organisations around the world are planning to increase their investment in employees' physical and mental health.


Over half of first time buyers need bigger deposit due to pandemic

Posted by Fidelius on December 6th 2021

People who have bought their first home since the start of the pandemic have seen the costs escalate, stretching them to raise thousands of pounds in additional funds.


Over-50s prefer humans over digital platforms for financial advice

Posted by Fidelius on November 29th 2021

New research shows that robo-advisers have a long way to go before they can really compete with traditional advisers.


HSE warns of 'health and safety crisis' unless firms act on mental health

Posted by Fidelius on November 22nd 2021

Last year more than 17 million working days were lost as a result of stress, anxiety or depression. And in a recent survey by the charity Mind, two in five employees said their mental health had worsened during the pandemic.


House buying rebounds after lockdown lull in 2020

Posted by Fidelius on November 15th 2021

New data from Halifax shows that over the past year there has been a big increase in the number of people moving home and those buying a property for the first time.


Half of older care home residents pay their own fees

Posted by Fidelius on November 8th 2021

As the cost of later life care is not covered by the state in the same way that health costs are, it's something that should be taken into account when planning your retirement.


Half of employees worried about discussing mental health at work

Posted by Fidelius on November 1st 2021

Despite the progress that has been made in talking about mental health, there is still a stigma around the issue in many workplaces.


Housing market buoyant as race for space continues

Posted by Fidelius on October 25th 2021

UK house purchases jumped by nearly 70% in September as buyers rushed to complete transactions before the end of the stamp duty holiday. Among the factors driving the market is the continued exodus from cities in the wake of the pandemic.


Fewer people are buying an annuity with their pension savings

Posted by Fidelius on October 18th 2021

There is now more choice in how and when pension savers can access their money. And with more options on the table, fewer people are purchasing annuities, research shows.


Starting pay soars as candidate supply falls

Posted by Fidelius on October 11th 2021

Employers are hiring -- and with a shortage of candidates for many roles, there has been a record rise in the pay offered to new employees.


Later-life mortgage borrowing on the increase

Posted by Fidelius on October 4th 2021

Over half of new mortgage lending is now going to borrowers who will still be paying back the loan after they turn 65.


Tax-free pension withdrawals 'putting retirements at risk'

Posted by Fidelius on September 27th 2021

Pension savers can access 25% of their pension pot tax-free, usually from the age of 55. But it's important to consider how withdrawing from your pension savings could end up having a detrimental impact on your retirement.


Many employees still in the dark about pension saving

Posted by Fidelius on September 20th 2021

One in five non-retirees are still not paying into any pension and many people remain in the dark about saving for retirement, suggesting that employers could support their employees with more financial education in this area.


Wider choice of mortgages for holiday let investors

Posted by Fidelius on September 13th 2021

If you're thinking of investing in a holiday property, the good news is that there's a growing number of mortgage options to choose from.


Women would need to work 14.5 more years to match men's pension savings

Posted by Fidelius on September 6th 2021

More than 50 years after the Equal Pay Act, women’s average earnings still fall short of men’s — and that leads to a significant difference in retirement income between the two sexes.


EAPs helping employees deal with return to work anxiety

Posted by Fidelius on August 31st 2021

With most pandemic restrictions in the UK now lifted, people are returning to the office. But after more than a year of working from home and social distancing, it's a change that is making many employees feel anxious.


Self-employed Gen Xers risk savings shortfall in retirement

Posted by Fidelius on August 23rd 2021

New research paints a stark picture of just how many self-employed people in the UK may find themselves with an inadequate level of income when they eventually stop work.


Buy-to-let: strong demand from tenants for rental homes

Posted by Fidelius on August 16th 2021

Higher property prices and tax changes may have dented the attractiveness of buy-to-let, but property is still considered a relatively low-risk investment. And with a shortage of homes available to rent, it could be a good time to enter the market.


One in five young employees opt out of pension saving

Posted by Fidelius on August 9th 2021

More than 10 million workers have been automatically enrolled in a workplace pension since the start of auto-enrolment in 2012. But many young people are opting out to focus on more immediate saving priorities, according to new research.


'Flip the context' and protect your pension savings

Posted by Fidelius on August 2nd 2021

If a stranger in a pub approached you with unsolicited financial advice, your first instinct would probably be to politely refuse. But what if the same thing happened online?


Self-employed face growing struggle to buy a home

Posted by Fidelius on July 26th 2021

People who work for themselves often have to jump through additional hoops to get a mortgage, and new research suggests that the situation is getting worse.


Fifth of staff don't know how their employer supports them during illness

Posted by Fidelius on July 19th 2021

Making sure everyone knows and understands their sick pay entitlements is a legal requirement when it comes to new hires, and it can help avoid presenteeism -- people showing up to work while sick, rather than taking the time they need to get better.


More people thinking about life insurance since Covid, study finds

Posted by Fidelius on July 12th 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has led more people to think about their own mortality and how their loved ones would cope financially if the worst happened.


Pandemic makes homeownership harder for many first-time buyers

Posted by Fidelius on July 5th 2021

Taking your first step on the property ladder is one of life's major milestones, but for many people it's a goal that has become harder to reach over the past year.


Most companies plan to offer hybrid working post-pandemic

Posted by Fidelius on June 28th 2021

New research suggests that a so-called hybrid working environment will become the norm for many employees, as just 11% of business leaders expect their employees to return to the office full-time.


Spend or save? Lockdown has changed people's priorities

Posted by Fidelius on June 21st 2021

An increase in savings was the silver lining of lockdown for many people in the UK. Now that the country is opening back up again, will there be a sudden release of pent-up consumer demand or will these "accidental savers" keep hold of their savings?


UK job quality 'continues to fall short', says CIPD

Posted by Fidelius on June 14th 2021

If an individual feels as though their work is unsatisfying or detrimental to their physical or mental health, or if they have a poor relationship with their manager or lack job security, they are unlikely to be 100% happy and motivated in their role.


Why it makes sense to increase pension saving as you get older

Posted by Fidelius on June 7th 2021

Messages about pension saving are often targeted at young people, but there are good reasons why the proportion of earnings set aside for retirement should increase substantially through working life for many people.


Employers looking to expand financial wellbeing support

Posted by Fidelius on June 1st 2021

Employers in the UK are planning to expand their financial wellbeing provision in the wake of Covid-19, new research has found.


Will inheritance tax rise after the pandemic?

Posted by Fidelius on May 24th 2021

A new report has called for higher inheritance tax (IHT) after the Covid-19 pandemic to help tackle rising wealth inequality.


Work-life balance now seen as more important than salary

Posted by Fidelius on May 17th 2021

For many years, a good salary and benefits package has been top of the list for a majority of employees when looking for a new job. But changes in the way we work -- and also, perhaps, changes in consumer spending habits -- during the pandemic have shaken up people's priorities, new research shows.


18 million savers would switch to a green pension

Posted by Fidelius on May 10th 2021

An astonishing £3 trillion is invested in UK pensions to build savings for the future. But have you ever thought about where your pension savings are invested?


Using 'Day One Statements' to help boost employee wellbeing and productivity

Posted on May 4th 2021

Health and wellbeing benefits like gym membership, counselling services and free healthy food are good for employees – but are they good for the business, too? Understandably, organisations of all sizes need to be able to justify the expense.


Advisers helping families through the pandemic's financial ups and downs

Posted on April 26th 2021

The financial volatility and insecurity of the Covid-19 pandemic have prompted many people to seek financial advice, new research reveals.


Employee privacy fears hit group protection usage

Posted on April 19th 2021

If takeup of employee benefits is low within your organisation, it could be that your employees don't know about or don't understand the benefits available. Or it could be that they have concerns about the privacy ramifications of claiming.


£373m lost to repeat frauds in 2019/20

Posted on April 12th 2021

As well as making the right investments to help your money grow, taking care of your financial future is about protecting what you already have – and one of the most important ways you can do that is by staying vigilant about the risk of investment fraud.


Need for mental wellbeing support 'skyrockets' during pandemic

Posted on April 6th 2021

At least one in six workers experience common mental health problems, including anxiety and depression, according to the mental health charity Mind.


Pandemic risks widening retirement opportunity gap

Posted on March 29th 2021

Changes in household income over the past year may end up increasing 'retirement inequality' in the UK, new research suggests. Legal & General Retail Retirement found that, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, some people are planning to retire earlier while others have been forced to delay their retirement.


Should employers take more responsibility for their employees' financial wellbeing?

Posted on March 22nd 2021

The past year has left many people worrying about their finances. While some have seen their jobs disappear, even those still in work may be struggling. For example, their hours may have been reduced, their partners may have lost their job, or they may have more caring responsibilities.


Keeping it in the family: two thirds of adults use same adviser as their parents

Posted on March 15th 2021

Financial advisers can help with a wide range of decisions, from savings and investments to financial protection, retirement planning and wealth transfer.


Quarter of employees say their mental health has deteriorated during pandemic

Posted on March 8th 2021

Most office staff in the UK are still working remotely, but out of sight shouldn't mean out of mind when it comes to looking after your employees' health.


Social care is 'worryingly low priority' in retirement planning

Posted on March 1st 2021

Meals out, home improvements, holidays... there are plenty of fun ways to spend your pension pot. But it's essential to make sure you'll have enough to cover everything else you might need, and that includes later life care.


Financial education can help your employees plan for retirement

Posted on February 22nd 2021

Are your employees financially savvy? They probably don't need to understand the ins and outs of the stock market - but it makes sense for people to have a good understanding of financial matters that affect their daily lives, and how they can improve their retirement prospects.


Financial planning gender gap: men more likely to plan and invest for retirement

Posted on February 15th 2021

Are you financially prepared for retirement? Worryingly, it seems the answer is more likely to be 'yes' if you're a man.


Fidelius Group awarded Gold Status by Investor In Customers

Posted on February 9th 2021

Fidelius Group, an independent financial services company with headquarters based in Bath, offering wealth management and employee benefits, has achieved an exceptional ‘Gold’ award from leading customer experience experts, Investor in Customers (IIC).


SMEs expand their employee benefits offering

Posted on February 8th 2021

With the coronavirus outbreak changing the way many employees do their jobs, firms of of all sizes have been looking at their employee benefits offering to see if it still matches what their workers want and need.


Do you know how to spot a scam?

Posted on February 1st 2021

You might think you've got enough experience to be able to spot an investment scam. But with new figures showing the scale of sophisticated 'clone firm' scams over the past year, it's worth arming yourself against the fraudsters.


Pandemic leads to greater stress and anxiety among employees

Posted on January 25th 2021

It's almost a year since Covid-19 turned all our lives upside down, changing working patterns and forcing millions of people to work from home for the first time.


Don't 'sleepwalk' into retirement

Posted on January 18th 2021

Will your retirement savings last as long as you need them to? It's a crucial question, and one that a financial adviser will assess when looking at your pension savings and investments and your spending habits.


How employee benefits can help attract new talent

Posted on January 11th 2021

When do you tell new employees about the benefits available to them? Do you put the information in the job advert or offer letter, or do you leave it until they have joined the company?


Financial advice vs 'going it alone'

Posted on January 4th 2021

A growing number of people in the UK rely on expert help with financial decision making, ranging from from one-off decisions about buying a particular product, to navigating more complex issues such as investments, trusts and estate planning.


UK employers change approach to health and wellbeing due to Covid-19

Posted on December 21st 2020

There's nothing quite like a pandemic for getting everyone to think about health and wellbeing. As well as the immediate measures required in the workplace, such as social distancing, screens, face masks and hand sanitiser, employers have been looking to the longer term.


Investors lose almost £10m to scams

Posted on December 14th 2020

Fraud can take a variety of forms and fraudsters are very good at coming up with new and ingenious ways of conning people out of their hard-earned cash. So it's important to be aware of the tactics they use and how to guard against becoming their next victim.


Bath Minerva Choir - Zoom Christmas Carols

Posted on December 11th 2020

Bath Minerva Choir is one of the leading choirs in the city of Bath, with well over one hundred members, it is a friendly non-auditioning choir that welcomes singers of all standards.


Supporting employees through a serious illness

Posted on December 7th 2020

When employees are diagnosed with a serious illness it can lead to issues ranging from physical and mental health problems to financial worries. To support staff -- and help ensure they perform at their best when at work -- there are various forms of support that employers can offer.


Sustainable investing can help bridge the generation gap

Posted on November 30th 2020

amilies don't always agree on how wealth should be invested, but the generations are united in the belief that wealth should drive positive change in the world and society.


One in five pay awards remain frozen

Posted on November 23rd 2020

Many employees would say that pay and bonuses are their biggest motivator at work. While benefits like pensions, wellbeing initiatives and learning & development opportunities make for a happier and more productive workplace, employers also need to get the basics right -- and that means regularly reviewing and increasing pay.


Lockdown restrictions lead to pensions boost

Posted on November 16th 2020

2020 has been a year that many of us would rather forget, and the pandemic has put a hole in many people's finances. But for those lucky enough to be able to carry on working, the restrictions on going out have meant fewer opportunities to spend money. And some people, particularly those in their thirties and forties, have chosen to boost their pension contributions instead.


How can employers help close the gender pension gap?

Posted on November 9th 2020

Women are more likely than men to have gaps in their pension contributions and to save less in a pension due to lower-paid or part-time working. Women also live longer than men -- on average by 3.7 years -- so need their pension savings to last longer.


Divorce could leave you with £30,000 less in retirement

Posted on November 2nd 2020

In a divorce, many people overlook their pensions and retirement savings when agreeing a financial split. However, the consequences of this can be significant, with a shortfall in your retirement finances and potentially even a future claim from your ex-spouse.


How well do you communicate your employee benefits?

Posted on October 26th 2020

It takes time and effort to put together an employee benefits package that meets the needs of a diverse workforce, and incentivises and rewards their hard work. But it's a waste of resources if your employees aren't aware of the benefits available to them, or don't understand their options.


Pension saving among self-employed shows 'dramatic decline'

Posted on October 19th 2020

Working for yourself can be hugely rewarding, but it also brings a whole load of additional responsibilities -- one of which is planning your financial future without the safety net of automatic enrolment.


Older employees less likely to use workplace financial guidance

Posted on October 12th 2020

Whatever life stage your employees are at, financial education can help them make the most of their money now and in the future. But new research shows that take-up of financial education in the workplace varies greatly across the generations.


Inheritance Tax: will your heirs be handed a bill?

Posted on October 5th 2020

After changes to tax rules, thousands of people no longer need to worry about Inheritance Tax (IHT). But the huge variation in property prices across the UK means that where you live and the average property price in your area will have a big impact on whether your estate will end up with a bill to pay.


Covid-19 and mental health: supporting your employees

Posted on September 28th 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an unsettling time for all of us, but there are things employers can do to help employees who may need extra mental health support.


Planning to transition into retirement? A backup plan is essential

Posted on September 21st 2020

If you're approaching retirement age, you may -- like many people -- be planning to carry on working. But it's important to be prepared in case things don't work out as you planned.


Covid-19 and Workplace Pension Investments

Posted on July 7th 2020

Just over three months ago, investment markets saw a dramatic downturn due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the perceived effect lockdown would have on the global economy.


How Employers can help with the emotional well-being of staff working from home

Posted on April 28th 2020

Following the introduction of ‘Lockdown’ the instant ‘Working From Home’ revolution has shown how adaptable the UK’s workforce can be when necessary.


Market Update - 07/04/2020

Posted on April 14th 2020

In these extraordinary times, Fidelius is especially aware of the value of keeping our clients updated.


Supporting employees through a stressful time

Posted on April 6th 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has left many people feeling anxious, but employers can provide expert help and support through Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs).


Pension reforms change retirement expectations

Posted on March 30th 2020

With a higher state pension age for men and women, and automatic enrolment into workplace pensions, not to mention the pension freedoms, the last decade has seen substantial reforms to retirement savings in the UK.


Making sure employee benefits meet your workers' needs

Posted on March 23rd 2020

Whether you already have an employee benefits package in place, or you're looking to create one, it's essential to make sure you meet people's needs.


COVID-19 Business Operations Statement

Posted on March 19th 2020

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to develop daily, at Fidelius we are doing everything we can to ensure that we keep our people safe, while continuing to deliver the high quality, personal service our clients are used to.


Older homeowners face £17,984 shortfall in retirement income

Posted on March 16th 2020

For many people in the UK there is a considerable gap between expectation and reality, according to a new report published by the Equity Release Council and retirement specialist Key.


When it comes to workplace benefits, employees want choice and support

Posted on March 9th 2020

Which employee benefits should you offer -- and how much choice should you give? Some employers keep it simple with a limited range of benefits options, while others prefer to offer a wide range of choices to ensure they meet everyone's needs.


Pension savers 'risk of running out of money' by withdrawing too much

Posted on March 2nd 2020

Ensuring you have enough for a comfortable retirement isn't just about building up your savings and investments: it's also important that any withdrawals from your pension pot are made at a sustainable rate.


Poor physical and mental health costs firms 38 days per employee

Posted on February 24th 2020

Employee health and wellbeing programmes really are a win-win: they help your workers to be healthy and happy, which in turn leads to greater productivity and better performance for your business.


Millions of people plan to start a new business in retirement

Posted on February 17th 2020

How do you plan to spend your retirement? Enjoy long holidays, take it easy, or carry on working and earning?


Why benefits can fail

Posted on February 10th 2020

Many employers look to promote their employee benefits programmes at the start of the year in a bid to remind staff why they’re a good employer to work for, especially at a time when employees might be thinking about moving on to pastures new.


One in three people retiring this year plan to use property wealth

Posted on February 3rd 2020

The huge increase in property prices over the past few decades means that many homeowners are sitting on property wealth. And many older homeowners are planning to tap this wealth to supplement their income in retirement, according to new research from Key.


Recruiting and retaining the right employees

Posted on January 27th 2020

It can be said that any company is only as good as the people it employs -- after all, these are the people who are the face of your business and looking after customers who are paying your fees. But whilst most employees seek job security in difficult economic times, an improvement in these conditions, as seen in recent times, can lead to those same people looking for something bigger, better, or just different.


Two-thirds of pensioner homeowners fail to claim full benefits entitlement

Posted on January 20th 2020

There are various state benefits that you may be entitled to in retirement -- including Pension Credit (made up of Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit) and Council Tax Reduction -- and it's part of a financial adviser's job to make sure you claim everything you should.


Why is Pension Governance so important?

Posted on January 13th 2020

Auto Enrolment was originally introduced in the Pensions Act 2008, with the first, larger employers reaching what was known as their staging date in October 2012. This continued through to 2018 and now all companies have staged and set up a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme for employees. Despite that, Auto Enrolment is not finished and The Pensions Regulator (TPR) requires employers to make sure their workplace pensions are monitored regularly and deliver good retirement outcomes for all members.


DIY approach to money matters 'costs savers in the long run'

Posted on January 6th 2020

Whether you're looking to manage your investments, save for a comfortable retirement or set aside enough to pass on to your children and grandchildren, planning your financial future means making the right spending, saving and investment decisions to meet your goals.


Companies failing to provide for ageing workforce

Posted on December 30th 2019

To get the most out of your investment in employee benefits, it makes sense to tailor what you offer to the needs of your workforce and your business.


Property is top priority for inheritance windfall

Posted on December 23rd 2019

Are you likely to receive an inheritance? And if so, have you thought about what you'll do with the money?


Britain's healthiest workplaces revealed

Posted on December 16th 2019

Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace isn't just good for your employees: it makes sense from a business point of view.


Financial advice can boost wealth by £47,000 in a decade, study finds

Posted on December 9th 2019

Financial planning can help you take stock of your life and finances and build up funds for the future, whatever your plans and expectations.


Research shows EAPs are 'win-win'

Posted on December 4th 2019

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) -- often available as part of group risk policies -- are a popular way of providing employees with additional help and support.


Most employers don't communicate employee benefits frequently enough, research shows

Posted on December 2nd 2019

From group life, group income protection and group critical illness, to financial education and health and wellbeing initiatives, it's important to make sure staff understand and make use of the benefits on offer.


Investors overestimate how much they can withdraw from retirement savings

Posted on November 25th 2019

How much will you be able to withdraw from your retirement savings each year? If you opt for drawdown -- taking an income from your pension pot while leaving the rest invested, rather than buying an annuity -- it's important to make sure you keep enough invested to provide an income for life.


Degree-educated savers more at risk of pension fraud

Posted on November 11th 2019

We all like to think we could spot a scam. But it's worth getting to know how fraudsters operate, and how to protect yourself and your pension savings.


Nine in ten employers offer EAPs to support mental health

Posted on November 4th 2019

There has been a focus in various outlets on improving the general awareness of mental health in recent years, which has been a very positive step forward. Whilst we have not completely eradicated the 'stigma' that comes with it, more and more people are now comfortable talking about their mental health.


Retirees who don't seek advice 'more likely to deplete their pension savings'

Posted on October 28th 2019

It pays to take professional advice about your retirement savings -- but don't just take our word for it!


Retirement Living Standards help savers make pension saving plans

Posted on October 21st 2019

It can be hard to get to grips with saving for your retirement. It helps to picture the sort of lifestyle you want and what it might cost -- and new Retirement Living Standards from the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) are a good starting point.


Drawdown pension savers warned of 'financial planning blind spot'

Posted on May 30th 2019

Pension savers who opt for drawdown should consider setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), according to insurance group Zurich.


Supporting employees' mental health makes good business sense

Posted on May 28th 2019

The average British worker has taken five days off work due to mental health in the last 12 months, according to new research by recruitment specialist Michael Page.


Most over-55s still not thinking about estate planning

Posted on May 22nd 2019

Rising house prices and a freeze on the inheritance tax (IHT) threshold mean that more and more estates are being drawn into the IHT net.


Paid holiday and pensions are most popular employee benefits

Posted on May 20th 2019

If you're thinking about extending the benefits offering in your organisation, it's important to make sure the benefits you choose are valued by your staff.


DB providers offering more support and flexibility

Posted on May 15th 2019

People with defined benefit (DB) pension plans are being offered more support by their pension providers, new research shows.


Record number of families helped by group risk policies

Posted on May 13th 2019

Group risk policies offered by employers provided financial support to a record number of families last year, according to the latest industry figures.


Almost two in three self-employed people have no pension savings

Posted on May 10th 2019

The level of pension saving among self-employed people in the UK is relatively low, and many would welcome a form of automatic enrolment.


UK workers would welcome gamified rewards and bonuses

Posted on May 7th 2019

Could 'gamification' of rewards and bonuses help engage employees and motivate them to perform well?


IHT payments set to double by 2030

Posted on May 1st 2019

Inheritance tax receipts (IHT) are increasing every year, but many people could do more to reduce the amount of IHT due on their estates, according to Canada Life.


Two thirds of UK employers don't offer perks and benefits

Posted on April 29th 2019

Almost two thirds (65.6%) of employers don't offer workplace perks and benefits to their staff, according to research by CV-Library.


Pension savers opting for drawdown with no planning

Posted on April 25th 2019

Many retirees are entering drawdown without working out how much they can afford to take from their pot, putting themselves at risk of draining their savings too soon, new research shows.


One in three UK workers covered by group protection

Posted on April 23rd 2019

More than a third of the UK workforce is now covered by group risk protection benefits, according to research by insurance provider Swiss Re.


Generation X increase pension saving

Posted on April 17th 2019

Generation X made the biggest contribution to personal pensions last year, according to new research by Salisbury House Wealth.


Employers plan to improve benefits offering to improve retention

Posted on April 15th 2019

UK employers recognise the role that benefits play in staff retention and want to capitalise on this, new research shows.


Retirees see drop in private pension income

Posted on April 10th 2019

The pension freedoms introduced four years ago gave people more choice over how to access their retirement savings. But official figures show that this hasn't translated into higher incomes.


Are employers doing enough to ensure good workplace relationships?

Posted on April 8th 2019

How do employees rate their relationship with their current employer? And what keeps people committed to the same company for several years? Good wages and employee benefits, a positive workplace environment, or opportunities for promotion?


Survey finds 'worryingly low' use of retirement advice

Posted on April 3rd 2019

Only around one third (32%) of people over 55 who have accessed their pension are using a financial adviser for help with financial planning, according to new research from Canada Life.


Auto enrolment triggered huge pension saving boost in small firms

Posted on April 1st 2019

New research shows the significant increase in pension saving amongst employees of small businesses in the UK thanks to automatic enrolment.


'Lifetime Allowance timebomb' could hit over a million workers

Posted on March 27th 2019

More than a million people are at risk of breaching the UK Government's £1.03m lifetime limit for pension tax relief over the course of their working life, new research reveals.


Employers lack understanding of group critical illness

Posted on March 25th 2019

Only a quarter of employers have a good understanding of group critical illness (GCI) cover, according to new research.


Investors holding steady despite uncertainty

Posted on March 20th 2019

The political and economic situation in the UK is uncertain, to say the least -- but most UK investors are opting to leave their money where it is.


Many employees are reluctant to ask for a pay rise

Posted on March 18th 2019

Three-fifths (61.3%) of employees in the UK haven't been given a pay rise in the last 12-18 months, according to research by CV-Library.


Pension shortfall could force future retirees to change their retirement plans

Posted on March 13th 2019

Research by Nationwide has found that retired people need an average of £885 a month -- almost £400 more than the state pension.


Half of UK office workers think managers don't care about the workplace environment

Posted on March 11th 2019

One in two office workers (51%) don't believe the company's management cares about their working environment, new research has revealed.


How much do you expect to leave your loved ones?

Posted on March 6th 2019

New research from Canada Life has revealed that almost one in five millionaires aged 45 and over (18%) expect to spend all of their funds in retirement.


Rise in auto enrolment contributions 'will be accepted by most savers'

Posted on March 4th 2019

April's increase in auto enrolment contributions is unlikely to have a significant impact on the number of people saving into a workplace pension, according to a new analysis by Royal London.


Check the beneficiaries of your insurance and pension policies

Posted on February 27th 2019

Many people in the UK never review the beneficiaries of their financial policies, which means they could end up leaving money to the wrong people.


Group risk and EAPs can support carers in the workplace

Posted on February 25th 2019

Employee benefits aren't just an optional extra that's nice to have. Sometimes, they provide support that enables someone to stay in their job when they have other responsibilities away from work.


Many over-45s in the dark when it comes to IHT

Posted on February 20th 2019

New research has uncovered an "alarming" lack of awareness about inheritance tax (IHT).


Supporting return to work after ill-health

Posted on February 18th 2019

How can managers help ensure a successful return to work for employees after a period of sickness absence?


Retirement planning essential as life expectancy rises

Posted on February 13th 2019

People in the UK are living longer -- and that means it's vital to plan your retirement finances.


HR leaders plan benefit changes to help attract and retain employees

Posted on February 11th 2019

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the measurable impact that benefits have on employee engagement and productivity, new research suggests.


Warning over pension savers 'sleepwalking' into low returns

Posted on February 6th 2019

Some pension holders who opt for drawdown -- taking an income from their pension pot while leaving the rest invested, rather than buying an annuity -- are "sleepwalking" into poor financial decisions, a pension expert has warned.


Skills crisis looms as learning & development take a back seat

Posted on February 4th 2019

British workers aren't getting the chance to develop their skills for the future, according to research published by City & Guilds Group.


Drawdown investors take level-headed approach to stock market moves

Posted on January 30th 2019

People using drawdown to fund their retirement tend to take a longer term view of their investment and are not overly concerned about stock market fluctuations.


Health and wellbeing: don't forget the needs of remote workers

Posted on January 28th 2019

Employers must make sure they support the health and wellbeing needs of people working remotely, new research suggests.


Cost of making up NIC gaps set to rise

Posted on January 23rd 2019

Pension experts have warned that special rates on voluntary National Insurance Contributions (NICs) will expire at the end of the tax year.


Workers feel more positive about their employer when offered wellbeing benefits

Posted on January 21st 2019

Employees say they would feel more positive towards their employer if they were offered bonuses and other benefits.


Half of 50+ workers want to avoid 'cliff edge' retirement

Posted on January 16th 2019

How do you want to retire? Would you prefer to cut down your working hours before full retirement, or just stop work altogether?


How employers can support health and wellbeing at work

Posted on January 14th 2019

Employers who take a lead on workplace health can have a positive impact on their employees’ health and wellbeing, with clear business benefits.


MPs examine 'contingent charging' for pension transfer advice

Posted on January 9th 2019

A House of Commons committee is to investigate 'contingent charging' on pension transfer advice, following concerns about potential conflicts of interest.


Mid-career employees worried about not saving enough for retirement

Posted on January 7th 2019

New research highlights the benefits of offering access to financial advice at work, with many employees concerned about managing their money and saving for retirement.


With pension drawdowns increasing, half-yearly reviews could become the norm

Posted on January 2nd 2019

Pension savers are looking to have more frequent drawdown reviews with their financial adviser, according to research conducted for insurance, savings and pensions provider Zurich.


Debt and divorce are top mental health concerns at work

Posted on December 31st 2018

Money worries and relationship breakup are among employees' biggest mental health worries, according to new research from professional services firm Aon.


One in three homeowners use equity release to pay off mortgage

Posted on December 27th 2018

Over a third (35%) of homeowners, and nearly half (44%) of those in London, have used equity release to clear their mortgage, according to research by Canada Life.


Employees must be given details of sickness and maternity/paternity leave on day one

Posted on December 24th 2018

New legislation gives workers the right to receive a written statement of their rights, including details of sick leave and pay, when they start a new job.


DB pension schemes set for record payout over next three years

Posted on December 19th 2018

Defined benefit (DB) pension schemes in the UK are set to pay out almost one-third of a trillion pounds over the next three years, Mercer has predicted.


Many employees unaware of on-the-spot rewards

Posted on December 17th 2018

Rewarding employees on the spot for good performance can encourage staff to become more engaged and increase their productivity.


Govt opens consultation on defined benefit pension 'superfunds'

Posted on December 12th 2018

The UK government has launched a consultation on allowing defined benefit (DB) pension schemes to consolidate into 'superfund' entities.


Small business employees value flexible working

Posted on December 10th 2018

Many employees appreciate being able to work away from the office, either on a regular basis or just occasionally to help ensure a better work/life balance. And while it's easier for larger organisations to accommodate flexible and home working, small firms should also consider allowing it wherever practical.


First pension dashboard set to launch next year

Posted on December 5th 2018

Pension dashboards will be launched next year, but they won't include state pension data straight away.


Professional development and wellbeing benefits are top priority for employers

Posted on December 3rd 2018

New research shows that nearly all UK employers (97%) expect to maintain or increase their spend on employee benefits over the next two years.


Over-50s reluctant to seek financial advice 'risking poorer retirements'

Posted on November 28th 2018

Only half (53%) of Britain's over-50s feel well prepared for retirement and four in ten (38%) worry about it, yet many are reluctant to seek financial advice.


Using employee benefits to help low earners

Posted on November 26th 2018

Businesses should improve their employee benefit schemes to support lower earners, according to a report by the Work Foundation.


UK savers wary of stocks and shares ISAs despite higher returns

Posted on November 22nd 2018

People who put their savings into cash ISAs have missed out on £127bn because of a reluctance to invest in the stock market, a new report claims.


Employers urged to do more to support workers with mental health or musculoskeletal conditions

Posted on November 21st 2018

Seven in 10 employees believe that employers are not taking mental wellbeing and musculoskeletal issues seriously enough in the workplace, according to a poll by health cash plans provider Health Shield.


Quarter of over-55s unaware of pension tax

Posted on November 14th 2018

One in four people approaching retirement don't realise they have to pay tax when withdrawing cash from their pension savings.


Government consults on pooled workplace pensions

Posted on November 12th 2018

A new type of workplace pension is set to become available in the UK after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) launched a consultation on collective defined contribution (CDC) pension schemes.


Women face much lower incomes in retirement

Posted on November 8th 2018

From this week, women in the UK will begin to qualify for their state pension at 65, the same age as men.


Flexible sick pay would help workers with mental health problems, says report

Posted on November 7th 2018

Sick leave and pay should be more flexible to help employees who need to take time off for mental health issues, according to a new report.


Three quarters of over-55s unaware of enhanced annuities

Posted on November 1st 2018

Retirees may be missing out on thousands of pounds in pension income by not disclosing health conditions or lifestyle choices when buying an annuity.


One in seven people may have lost track of savings

Posted on October 31st 2018

Millions of financial products have been lost or forgotten, leaving account holders cut adrift from their money, according to new research from National Savings and Investments (NS&I).


Are UK employees happy with their rewards and benefits?

Posted on October 30th 2018

HR professionals tend to overestimate employee satisfaction with rewards and benefits programmes, new research suggests.


Four in ten want a flexible reward package

Posted on October 22nd 2018

A new survey has found that more than four in ten (43%) UK employees would like the ability to control their benefits and determine the composition of their reward package.


UK's 'lost' pensions could be worth £20bn

Posted on October 17th 2018

Nearly two-thirds of UK savers have more than one pension, and changing work patterns means that the number of people with multiple pensions will increase.


Rise in EAP mental health calls

Posted on October 15th 2018

Growing numbers of UK employees are using Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) to seek help for mental health related issues.


Parents give money early to save on inheritance tax

Posted on October 10th 2018

Parents and grandparents are transferring assets to family members to try to reduce the amount of tax payable on their estates, according to new research.


Socially responsible investing can boost trust in pensions

Posted on October 8th 2018

Employees who have been auto-enrolled into a workplace pension expect their money to be invested responsibly, new research shows.


Grandparents hold collective wealth of over £5tn

Posted on October 3rd 2018

Grandparents across the UK hold wealth amounting to over £5tn, or an average of £350,634 each, according to research by Charter Savings Bank.


Engaging young employees in pension saving

Posted on October 1st 2018

A new industry campaign has been running on Facebook and Instagram to help engage younger employees when it comes to pensions.


Over-55s spend more time choosing a car than making pension decision

Posted on September 26th 2018

People who are approaching retirement spend more time buying a car than deciding how to use their pension savings, according to research by Legal & General.


Parents and grandparents providing £18,000 on average to help family members buy a home

Posted on September 25th 2018

Parents and grandparents across the UK are dipping into their pension pots or housing wealth to help family members buy a home, according to research by Legal & General and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).


Women losing out when pensions are overlooked in divorce, warns Age UK

Posted on September 25th 2018

Age UK is calling for urgent reforms to the divorce process so that private pensions are split fairly when husbands and wives go their separate ways.


Workers taking sick days due to poor wellbeing

Posted on September 25th 2018

Almost three quarters of UK employees admit that their ability to concentrate at work is negatively affected by poor wellbeing, according to research by CABA, a wellbeing charity for chartered accountants.


Supporting people with mental heath issues at work

Posted on September 10th 2018

One in four people in the UK will experience a problem with their mental health at some point, making it essential to support those affected in the workplace.


Savers offered too much money to transfer out of DB schemes, regulator says

Posted on September 5th 2018

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has raised concerns about pension savers being encouraged to leave defined benefit (DB) schemes which offer a guaranteed level of retirement income.


Employers could do more to support employee financial wellbeing

Posted on September 3rd 2018

UK employers care about the financial needs of their employees, but are they doing enough to support them?


Pension savers pay £110m in tax for exceeding Lifetime Allowance

Posted on August 30th 2018

More and more people are facing hefty tax bills for breaching the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) for pension savings, according to Wealth at Work, a provider of financial education and guidance in the workplace.


Third of large firms use health and wellness benefits to improve attendance

Posted on August 28th 2018

Health and wellness benefits can help motivate employees as well as improve their health, contributing to reduced absence rates in large and small firms alike.


Pension scam victims lose average of £91,000

Posted on August 22nd 2018

A new campaign warns consumers to beware of pension scammers after figures revealed that victims lost an average of £91,000 last year.


EAPs can help overseas employees cope with stress and anxiety

Posted on August 20th 2018

Moving abroad for work can be a rewarding, but stressful, experience and many firms are falling short when it comes to providing mental health support.


Just one in four expect to stop work completely at retirement age

Posted on August 15th 2018

The concept of retirement is changing, with growing numbers of people choosing to work past traditional retirement ages, or reduce their hours gradually.


Young workers keen to prepare for retirement but pessimistic about finances

Posted on August 13th 2018

Young workers in the UK are pessimistic about how much money they will have in retirement but are keen to do what they can to prepare, according to investment advisers State Street.


Half of firms planning pay rises of over 2% this year

Posted on August 9th 2018

Many employees will see an increase in their total pay this year, according to a survey by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and online recruitment company Indeed.


Savers risk running out of money seven years earlier by transferring from defined benefit scheme

Posted on August 8th 2018

Pension savers who move out of their employer´s defined benefit scheme risk losing up to seven years of retirement income due to avoidable charges, a new report has warned.


Stay-at-home parents risk missing out on full state pension, MPs warn

Posted on August 1st 2018

High-earning families who don´t register for Child Benefit could end up with a smaller state pension, the Treasury Committee has warned.


One in seven may be paying off their mortgage in retirement

Posted on July 25th 2018

One in seven people think they will still be paying their mortgage at the age of 70, according to research by Aegon.


Pension flexibility leading over-50s to change their retirement plans

Posted on July 18th 2018

A survey by Retirement Advantage found that one in five (20%) over-50s have altered their plans because of the pension reforms, driven by the ability to access all of their pension savings from the age of 55.


Pensioners paying £3,500/year in income tax

Posted on July 11th 2018

A freedom of information (FOI) request by Royal London has revealed that pensioners across the UK paid more than £24bn in income tax in 2015/16 — the latest year for which detailed figures are available.


Retirement savers need more support to make the right choices, says FCA

Posted on July 4th 2018

The pension reforms introduced in 2015 mean that savers no longer have to purchase an annuity with their pension savings. Instead, you can choose to access all of your pension savings from the age of 55 or keep part of your pension pot invested in the stock market while drawing down an income from it.


How are people spending the pension savings they withdraw?

Posted on June 27th 2018

The pension freedoms introduced in April 2015 give people more choice over what they do with their retirement savings, allowing savers to take cash withdrawals or an income drawdown rather than spending the whole lot on an annuity.


Nine in ten employers offer death-in-service benefits

Posted on June 25th 2018

Almost nine in ten (89%) employers offer death-in-service benefits and the average company pays out between one and two years´ salary, according to research by Direct Line Life Insurance.


Over 50s increasingly turning to property wealth to fund retirement

Posted on June 20th 2018

One in five over 50s in the UK — around 3.9 million people — plan to use some of their property wealth to fund their retirement, according to research by OneFamily.


UK workers prepared to pay more into workplace pension

Posted on June 18th 2018

Workers in the UK have embraced auto enrolment and would be happy to pay more than double the current default rate of pension savings, according to a global study by pensions and investment firm Aegon.


Retirees likely to bequeath rather than use most of their wealth

Posted on June 13th 2018

Most of the wealth held by older people in England will be passed on to later generations rather than used in retirement, according to new research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).


More people are seeking financial advice

Posted on June 6th 2018

Growing numbers of people are choosing to speak to a financial adviser about their finances but the numbers are still low, according to research by Aegon.


Retirement gender gap continues to shrink

Posted on May 31st 2018

The gender pay gap in retirement is shrinking, but women retiring in 2018 will still have incomes nearly £5,000 lower than men, according to new research from Prudential.


Company pension schemes seen as most important benefit

Posted on May 3rd 2018

Employees value their company pension scheme above all other workplace benefits, according to new research from Jobsite.


Auto-enrolment reaches 1 million employer mark

Posted on May 3rd 2018

More than one million UK employers are now meeting their automatic enrolment duties, according to figures from The Pensions Regulator.


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